Voxtel international calls,
Simple. Practice. Cheap.

  • More then 70% of savings on your bills.
  • An impeccable sound quality at unbeatable prices.
  • No connection fees.

What can you do with Voxtel?

Texting and Talking
all free

With Voxtel, no matter where your contacts are, it is now possible to call, chat and live video calls through Voxtel Share service.

Stay connected,
share more

Inspire your conversations with a wide variety of icons and pictures. Do not miss to share your best discoveries in video or City-map.

Get a local number,
and stay reachable.

Once your Voxtel account is activated, select a number in a country in the world. Get local and international calls on this number from your Voxtel Application, as if you were there.

Talk More
at lower price.

Use Voxtel to speak without limit at the best market prices. Call USA and Europe starting at 1¢/min, Africa and Latin America at 2¢/min. Voxtel is easy, cheap and safe!


@Voxtel I love this application. I tried several before adopting it.

Patrick Houmo Edmonton, Canada

@Voxtel Thanks Voxtel team for this application. Congratulations.

Ben Rousseau Montreal, Canada

I find it very convenient - I use it to call my family. Congratulations to the team.

Khaled Boussef Québec, Canada

Voxtel is one of the best application currently on the market.

Annie Lee Montreal, Canada

Voxtel is great. I use it for a while now and I am fully satisfied.

Patrick Louverture Abitibi, Canada

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